IoT Platform

Our IoT Platform enables you to make the most of your assets, data, and processes.

Connecting things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation of Sagacity’s platform. From its inception, the system has been designed and built specifically to provide the most powerful, advanced, and modern IoT capabilities as its foundation, and we continually innovate to ensure clients always have a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of IoT.

The powerful IoT nature of Sagacity’s system facilitates our technology services to be agnostic in nature to end-devices, communication protocols, workflows, and data structures. Hosted on the industry leading Amazon Web Services, our platform leverages this elastic enterprise infrastructure to provide availability, scalability, redundancy, and security.

A single integrated engine provides remote connectivity, continuous availability, device management, intelligent automation, and data management from different types and brands of IoT Devices, smart meters, and sensors, and securely delivers this data to client systems.

Connecting things

Companies that work with electrical, water, thermal, and gas smart meters, all from different manufacturers, use Sagacity’s IoT platform. Our platform fully supports and enables those businesses to manage and collect data from all those meters in one place, by leveraging the system’s device-agonistic IoT abilities.

Our IoT Platform is Built on Three Tiers


Smart Devices and Sensors

Enable technology you’ve invested in to do more than you ever thought

We connect and manage all types or brands of devices and sensors, enabling even simple devices to work smart.

Connecting things
Elevate your data


Ensure reliable data collection and secure delivery across all your buildings

With open standards-based communication protocols specially selected for your business’s needs, we create reliable building networks, both wired and wireless, that enable continuous data collection from each and every one of your buildings.





Manage your assets, workflows, and information in an enterprise cloud system

Sagacity’s cloud-based Head-End System provides a multitude of powerful services that facilitate your operations and enable your business to fully leverage your assets and data.