About Us


Sagacity Software is a cutting-edge communications hardware and software development firm committed to smart innovation that delivers competitive advantage to our clients.

Sagacity’s innovative wireless technologies provide 100% coverage to any building regardless of size, age, or structural complexity, turning any building into a smart building. Whether it’s a high-rise with the thickest concrete floors, or a hospital with endless rooms and no reception, Sagacity’s wireless technologies span the distance, transforming all types and brands of electrical, water, gas, and thermal meters into wireless smart devices.


Sagacity’s enterprise cloud platform provides advanced device management and data management capabilities, keeps clients’ deployed devices healthy, automates workflows, and delivers available, consistent, up-to-date, and secure data. Our system ensures control for our clients over their assets and inventory, when and how their data is accessed, and what external systems that data is securely fed into, including Building Automation systems, Billing systems, and Business Intelligence platforms.

Customer service and innovation are Sagacity’s core values. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing innovative technologies that enable insight and actionable intelligence. Sagacity’s professional work culture promotes collaboration, innovation, environmental consciousness, and the use of best practices.