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Sagacity Software

Sagacity Software is a cutting-edge Canadian software development firm that focuses on smart innovation. With special focus on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, we bring the most impressive technologies of the 21st century to a variety of sectors in forms that are user-friendly, environmentally conscious, and make the very best of our clients’ potential.

Our team is led by experts in the fields of software development, data, and security. We strive to create a work environment that is creative, cooperative, flexible, and determined. At Sagacity, we think outside the box and work together with our clients to meet their needs, enhance their competitive edge, and ensure they feel well taken care of, every single time.


Agile Software Development

We develop web and mobile applications through our versatile and iterative AGILE development process. This provides clients with smooth and efficient customer applications and interfaces. You’ll receive insight that directly impacts business value, as well as data availability and control at all levels to ensure accuracy, transparency and security.

Big Data, Reporting, and Analytics

Information management is the core of our work. We gather, analyze, mine, report, and visualize data so our customers can have real insight into their organization’s performance. Sagacity enables faster and more accurate company operations, comprehensive data overviews, validated data collection, customized semantic reporting, and real-time data analysis and feedback.

About Us
About Us

AI and Machine Learning

Sagacity leverages machine learning in how we build intelligent software. This means our software automatically adjusts its features and functions to perfect how well it accomplishes the desired task. For example, in the energy sector, we currently enable “simple devices,” such as legacy energy meters, to access this type of learning. The simple devices can physically stay where they are, with no additional costs, and work smarter than ever before.

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