Sagacity has deep technical understanding and extensive real-world implementation experience is built into all the technologies we provide.

Agile Software Development

We develop incredibly useful web and mobile applications through our versatile and iterative AGILE development process. This provides our clients with smooth and efficient customer applications and interfaces that provides insight to the end user, directly impacting business value, and delivering data availability and control at all levels for ensuring accuracy, transparency and security. Our team is comprised of experts in software design, data warehousing, data process and lifecycle, information security, open standards communications, multi-target and programming language paradigms across various development environments.

Our Enterprise Platform

Enterprise software built today must be both powerful and customer centric: providing all the relevant capabilities in context of the users needs, as well as easy to pick up and utilize with minimal training. Sagacity’s cloud-based enterprise platform enables these capabilities, providing all technology layers from the ground up. We are laser focused on providing this with the most important core attributes: always available, secure, scalable, redundant and recoverable, scalable, smart, fast and flexible.

IoT Communication Technology

In today’s technology landscape, billions of IoT devices diligently work to each individually perform their specific job. This is useful, but the full power is only derived by subsequently facilitating communications between all of these devices and the external internet – irrespective of any technological differences between them. However, often getting the data off these devices, build by different manufactures and speaking different languages, is not as easy as it sounds. We provide solutions that make this not only possible, but easy: easy to setup and install, easy to visualize, and easy to operate and secure

Big Data, Reporting and Analytics

Information management, and all associated abilities and expertise, is the core of what we do. We enable faster and more accurate company operations, comprehensive data overviews, validated data collection, customized semantic reporting, and real-time data analysis and feedback. Strategic decision making and operational decision making both require clean, relevant, in context data as it building blocks. Gathering, analyzing, mining, reporting and visualizing this information enables our customers to have real insight into the performance of their organization and ultimately facilitate such important decision making – faster then ever before.

AI and Machine Learning

Sagacity leverages machine learning in the intelligent software it builds. This means our software automatically adjusts its features and functions to perfect how well it accomplishes the desired task. For example, in the energy sector, we currently enable “simple devices” – such as legacy energy meters – the ability of accessing this type of learning: leaving them physically where they are, with no additional costs, but making them smarter then ever before.