Sagacity’s advanced enterprise platform is built as three major layers.

Application Layer


In the top layer, we leverage the entire Sagacity enterprise platform to provide the accurate data and enabled insight to the myriad of users in context to their specific application.

We believe that “one size fits all” interfaces are a thing of the past: user today require apps that are focused on their specific needs, easy accessible wherever they are and whatever they are doing (i.e. on their mobile devices).

Platform and Data Layer


In the middle later, Sagacity has built a world-class scalable, secure, and resilient cloud-based data management platform that delivers the business information, extracted from all the various devices on Layer 1, to all our upstream applications.

 It contains all the advanced and diverse abilities that are required to extract value and intelligence for businesses today: transactional data system, billing management, data cleansing and verification, big data warehouse reporting and analytics functions, command and control of smart devices, distribution intelligence, automated ERP workflows customized for business sector (i.e. energy sector) that enables less errors, less cost, and only oversight as the required manual involvement.

Infrastructure and Communications Layer


In the foundational layer, we find all the digital IoT (Internet of Things) devices that perform the heavy lifting at the ground level. These are the devices that measure electrical usage, monitor water consumption, monitor a patient in the ICU, alert on dangerous levels of blood glucose levels, turn off your oven and track empty parking spaces.

Sagacity first begins by understanding how these devices operate and do their jobs. Then utilizing our expertise in the most appropriate and effective open communications protocols, we apply our advanced universal gateways and nodes architecture to enable the reliable and secure flow of information between them.

All layers of the Sagacity platform, working together as a single integrated system, provides the enterprise capabilities needed to build today’s most useful software.