Wisdom Applied

Innovative solutions to grow your business.

What do we do?

How do we do it?

We connect things

Using multiple advanced networking and open standards-based communication technologies, we enable IoT devices to talk to the world, ensuring they can always send out the vital data they collect.

We make simple devices smart

Effectively applying the most advisable technologies and approaches – in the fields of big data, analytics, and communications – we enable simpler IoT devices to effectively operate much smarter (at lower cost then replacement).

We provide insight

Using our state of the art data infrastructure, we collect data directly from devices and/or from other data warehouses then we transform the data collected into information and insight that provides clarity and deeper insight then ever before. This insight becomes business intelligence that is then fed back into your company’s operations and decision making.

We have built an enterprise platform

Our enterprise cloud-based data platform is the engine that we built to provide the most important essential attributes – such as availability, security, massive data volumes, and scalability – that drives all that we build on top of it, including web portals, company workflow solutions, mobile apps, and all types of purpose built application software.

Industries We Serve

We engage and service any sector that aspires to make their technology smarter

We are primarily focused on the energy, smart cities infrastructure, and the healthcare industries.


We believe in creating elegant solutions, platforms and applications that efficiently solve problems using data.

Our Solutions

Difficult problems. Elegant solutions.

Web-based Development

Our focus is building user friendly geo-mapped applications. Whether you need to craft economic policy, chart smart meter data in a region, or understand demographics over time and space, Sagacity can map out a solution for you.

Data Management

Stewardship is important to us. We provide data management services to help you focus on what drives your business

Analytics & Visualization

If your agency needs to help to understand your data, Sagacity is there to provide clarity by bringing your data to life through visualizations that everyone can appreciate.

Guarantees and Beliefs

Providing the best solutions in the best possible manner

Consumer Engagement

We will ensure that your systems are built with the latest standards to engage your customers and follow your required workflows.

Energy Efficiency

Our built-in analytics tools will help to model and depict the usage of energy patterns among your customers. Providing insight for all users.

Our Culture

We work with you, not just for you. Our expert team of developers will help you achieve the goals in your company. Your success story is our success story.

Quality & Support

Our systems are thoroughly tested and maintained in the cloud. We provide real-time support through our online ticketing system in order to resolve any issues day or night.

IoT Development

We connect your business to the world of IoT. Sagacity will increase process efficiencies by leveraging web-based technologies in order to help you deliver a better customer experience and generate new revenue streams.